The young George Burrows fell in love with music from the moment he was old enough to spin a record on his mother’s turntable. The music of the ’60s got its hooks in him and nothing changed as the ’70s rolled in. In fact, Burrows left high school in 1970 to be a roadie. But hauling a band’s equipment wasn’t his ultimate destiny. Jump ahead to 2006, and you’d find Burrows with a delicate instrument in his hands. Not a musical instrument. A camera. He was on his way to becoming a maestro of musical memories, snapping his camera’s shutter to immortalize a moment. A moment seared into his memory is a 2010 concert by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with The Drive-By Truckers. That night at Chicago’s United Center was Burrows’ first night shooting in a pit – and he was surrounded by luminaries of the concert photography world. The bands roared on the stage and the crowd roared in arena, and it took Burrows a moment to remember he was there to shoot the show. Dazzled by the stage lights, he truly felt like a real concert photographer for the first time. Good equipment, excellent preparation, and an eye for the perfect shot – these are the tools Burrows uses to capture indelible images. Whether you see his photos in print or online, in entertainment media or on a venue wall, you’re seeing the artistry of a man who loves music, loves photography, and blends his loves together beautifully.
-- Rob Cline
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