Zach Danziger

“Zach Danziger, an innovative and virtuosic drummer, is pushing the limits of contemporary drumming and electronic music. By triggering samples from pickups on his drums and cymbals, he is able to perform and even improvise intricate electronic music while holding down a groove. Although drum triggers have been used before in a jazz fusion context (and death metal, of course), most notably by Akira Jimbo, Danziger uses the technology to compose and perform mind-blowing jungle and drum ‘n’ bass grooves.  A few of his compositions sound like some of the crazier Aphex Twin or Squarepusher songs have come to life. He’s almost more of an insane scientist than a musician.”MMMHAVEN

Associated Acts

Oli Rockberger, keyboards, vocals, and programming; Owen Biddle, bass and programming; and Zach Danziger, drums and programming
Donny McCaslin
Lucy Woodward
Chuck Loeb
Mocean Worker
Lemonade Mouth
David Holmes
Randy Brecker


Zildjian, Ableton ,iZotope Trash 2,KAT KP2, Gretch Drums