Simon Phillips


An innovative, aggressive drummer, Simon Phillips embarked on his musical career at an early age. Born in 1957 in London, England, Phillips showed an affinity for the drums quickly — beginning with a toy kit at age four, and moving on to a snare and cymbal set at six. By age 12, Phillips was performing and recording with his father’s Dixieland jazz band. After his father’s death, Phillips left the jazz band and began exploring other musical styles, including rock and musicals. A gig as a drummer for a production of Jesus Christ Superstar led to session work, drumming on the demos of various cast members.

As his connections in the music scene grew, so did his session credits: From the ’70s onward, Phillips performed with prominent rock and jazz artists like Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Gil Evans, Stanley Clark, Frank Zappa, and Peter Gabriel. As a solo artist, Phillips debut in 1989 with Protocol, a genre-bending recording in which he played all the instruments. He would later expand the Protocol concept with other musicians.

By the mid-’90s, however, Phillips was ready to lead his own band. Joined by a cast of seasoned rock and jazz musicians including guitarists Ray Russell and Andy Timmons, saxophonist Wendell Brooks, bassist Anthony Jackson, percussionist Peter Michael Escovedo, and others, Phillips began touring as a bandleader. During this period, he delivered several well-regarded virtuoso jazz, rock and fusion-influenced albums including 1995’s Force Majeure, and 1997’s Another Lifetime. The live date, Out of the Blue, appeared in 1999.

Phillips then turned his attention towards driving, acoustic post-bop jazz on 2000’s Vantage Point, which featured pianist Jeff Babko, trumpeter Walt Fowler, saxophonist Brandon Fields, and bassist Dave Carpenter. The drummer returned in 2010 with the eponymous The Simon Phillips Band, followed a year later with 21 Spices. He then delivered several volumes of his Protocol project including 2017’s Protocol, Vol. 4, which featured guitarist Greg Howe, keyboardist Dennis Hamm, and bassist Ernest Tibbs. All Music

Simon Phillip’s Gear

Tama “Monarch” Signature Star Classic series Drum Kit

# Size Model # Type
2 15”x24” SMB 2415 Bass Drums
1 14” x 20” SMG20R Gong Drum
1 14” x 18” SMT184 Floor Tom Tom
1 13” x 16” SMT1613 Tom Tom
1 12” x 15” SMT1512 Tom Tom
1 11” x 14” SMT1411 Tom Tom
1 10” x 13” SMT1310 Tom Tom
1 9” x 12” SMT1209 Tom Tom
1 7” x 10” SMT1007 Tom Tom
1 6.5” x 14” SP1465 Snare Drum
1 5.5” x 12” SP125 Snare Drum
1 5.5” x 10” MT1055 Snare Drum
1 Lo Pitch Set 7850N4L Octobans
2 Iron Cobra HP900RS Bass Drum Pedals
1 Leverglide HH905NL Hi Hat Pedal (no legs)
1 Star HS100W Snare Drum Stand
1 Roadpro HS80PW Snare Drum Stand
2 Roadpro HC72BWN Straight Cymbal Stands
4 Roadpro HC73BWN Boom Cymbal Stands
1 Ergo Rider Trio HT730 Drum Throne
1 Long CA45EN Cymbal Holder
2 MC61 Multi Clamps
1 Custom Gong Drum Stand
1 Custom Octoban Stand

Zildjian Cymbals

Size Model
24” Avedis ZildjianSwish Knocker *
22” Armand ZildjianRide Cymbal **
14” Armand ZildjianHi Hat Cymbals
12” Armand ZildjianSplash Cymbal
19” Armand ZildjianCrash Cymbal **
18” Armand ZildjianCrash Cymbal
17” Armand ZildjianCrash Cymbal **
This is a 1979 era cymbal. Sometimes I use a new Avedis Zildjian Swish knocker which is actually 23.5” in diameter
** These are custom made models

Pro Mark Sticks

Model Description
707 Simon Phillips Model – Hickory

Remo Drum Heads

Drum Model
Bass Drums Ambassador Clear
Toms Ambassador Clear
Octobans Ambassador Clear
Snare Drums Ambassador Coated
Gong Drum Timpani Clear