Walfredo Reyes Jr. (Chicago, Santana, Traffic)

George (Drummer Photographer ) knows “drum language” and “drummer’s  moves”. He captures the emotion and passion of drummers on his photos. We are truly blessed to have him in the Drum World.

John Fell (Photographer & Drummer)

As a photographer and drummer I admired George’s work the first time I saw it, it’s fantastic! Technically he shoots these beautiful, crisp images that are full of detail but the technical side never...

Todd Sucherman (STYX)

"George knows music and George knows drums. That Means George gets the shot."

Ash Soan (The Voice UK, Del Amitri)

"I was lucky enough to have some shots taken by George at Pasic 2019. I believe his experience as a musician gives him a unique angle on performance art photography."

Aaron Comess (Spin Doctors)

"Guys like George are what make the drumming community such a unique place for all of us. He is an outstanding photographer and has much passion for his craft . He is a big contributor...

Steven Wolf (Multi Patinum Rhythm Maker)

 "I’m a big fan of George’s photography. His eye for detail, his exceptional composition, and his passion for drums and drumming allow him to capture extraordinary images of the great drummers of our time."

Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean)

"George loves drums and drummers. He’s always there with a smile on his face, ready to capture the energy, sweat, power and conviction of the worlds’ greatest drummers."