Emmanuelle Caplette


“Emmanuelle Caplette made her debut at 9 years old when she joined a local drum and bugle Corps. For eight years she played snare with different corps in Quebec.

During this time, she won many awards including first place at the Provincial Individuals Championship In Quebec, four consecutive years in a row!

At Drummondville College, She studied drums, in pop/jazz style, with Camil Bélisle. In 2001, She participated in “Cégep En Spectacle” where she won the prestigious award of L’OFQJ with her duo, Drummologue, And In 2002, Drummologue opened for The Montreal Drum Festival.

In 2003, she was chosen to represent Drummondville College in ‘A Rising Star’ Contest at the Montreal Drumfest. After receiving her college diploma, she decided to continue her studies at the University Of Montreal in Pop/Jazz Interpretation with Paul Brochu.

At the end of her first year of university, Emmanuelle was hired by the troop Cavalia (for the American tour) which was composed by Michel Cusson.

Big opportunities arose for Emmanuelle in 2007 when she fulfilled her dream of playing drums on TV (Jutras Awards, Just For Laugh Festival, Broco Show, Belle Et Bum…), As well as the tour with several pop artists in Quebec.

In May 2013, Emmanuelle joined Andy Summers, Formerly of The Police, in his new band, “Circa Zero”. Their first show was at El Rey Theater in LA on July 25th. After that, Circa Zero performed at Shanghai Rolex Master in China in October 2013.

In 2013, Emmanuelle was on tour with Stephane Rousseau (French Canadian Comedian) as the drummer and musical Emmanuelle Caplette